What We Do

Aduro, named for the Latin word meaning to “light” or “kindle,” specializes in leadership and change for “purpose-driven” companies – those organizations which seek to have an impact beyond the bottom line.

By disrupting things in a way that helps people think differently about themselves and their relationships inside their companies, Aduro’s clients are more awake, more passionate, more human and more focused – all of which adds up to better business results.

We work at the juncture of people and strategy, understanding that individuals and teams determine the underlying values and processes that drive business outcomes. Specifically, we help businesses build three capabilities: leadership effectiveness, team effectiveness and organization effectiveness.

Leadership Effectiveness

Are leaders born or made? At Aduro Consulting, we think of leadership, not as a set of innate characteristics, but as a way of being and acting that can be learned. Leadership is a process of influence, a process that mobilizes people to confront and shift their assumptions and beliefs so that they can tackle difficult challenges. In this sense, leadership is about change that is both deeply personal and inherently collective.

Effective leadership demands self-awareness and skill. We use a variety of methods to develop both, including executive coaching, leadership education, and leadership forums and conferences. Click here for more. 

Team Effectiveness

High-performing teams are groups of people who hold themselves mutually accountable for the achievement of a common purpose and who see to it that the talents of each member are fully utilized. These teams are more than the sum of their individual members. By working together, their members produce energy, creativity, inspiration, and exceptional outcomes. And yet, as the Center for Creative Leadership reports, most teams function well below their capacity.

Our coaches help teams realize their potential, working together to produce breakthrough results. Click here for more.

Organization Effectiveness

Traditional change-management approaches see the organization as a machine: They assume that it operates logically, that change can be planned and executed by a small group of leaders from the top. This model of change is insufficient to the task facing businesses today.

Our approach is very different. We see the organization as a jazz ensemble — unique, complex, continuously adapting, and inherently human. Like jazz musicians, members of the organization must learn to balance control and improvisation, listen and learn from one another, interact with their “audience” and the outside world, and adapt the “music” as they go along.

At Aduro Consulting, we believe that successful organizational change is an iterative flexible process of learning and adaptation. Change agents — those who have achieved greater mindfulness and wisdom about the process of change — are adept at three critical skills: discovery, reflection, and mobilization. Our work centers on building these capabilities in individuals, teams, and entire organizations. Click here for more.

Human Resources Effectiveness

Today’s human resource professionals are working in demanding resource-constrained environments, and they’re having to do it quickly. Unfortunately, traditional HR practices assume that organizations operate like machines, that change can be planned and executed by leaders at the top, and that the role of HR is to find a fast solution to every organizational problem.

The good news: There’s never been a greater opportunity for HR professionals to make an impact. Those who have learned to shake off traditional mental models and reinvent their roles have discovered a way to be nimble and thoughtful strategic partners. We call it HR with Impact. Click here for more.