Applause For Aduro

Jennifer Harrington
HATCH Marketing

“Hiring Martha to help our organization was one of the best business decisions we’ve made. She knows what makes a high performing team and what can get in the way. What sets her apart is her ability to connect theory and best practices to the real-life situations and challenges of an individual business. She did an amazing job getting us to talk as a team, identify key areas of focus in the short term, and map a shared vision for the longer-term. We left the discussions with a practical and tangible road map for our path forward together. She also gave our team tools to help us continue to have productive conversations as we implement our thinking. Aside from being incredibly smart and thorough – Martha is a wonderful person who was extremely sensitive to the individual needs and concerns in the group. Can’t recommend her more highly.”

Shannon Kenny
Founder & CEO

Startup founders must be leaps and bounds ahead of the curve, always anticipating the future as we build the company today that we envision for tomorrow. As an Executive Coach, Martha has made an invaluable contribution to my personal growth as a leader, and supported our team in driving critical company milestones forward. Her approach to the key issues of conflict, culture, and social impact has contributed to the development of meaningful and effective organizational foundations for Prontopia.

Chris Powell

“Aduro Consulting is a great partner to engage from the point of idea conception to execution and measurement. Martha and team collaborated with executive leadership and HR teams to develop a signature management development program that was aligned the company’s business strategy, goals and culture. In addition, the Aduro team provided excellent custom and client focused solutions that included organizational and team effectiveness programs, executive and talent coaching and research/data analysis. Aduro Consulting is a great partner to support your organizational and talent development and performance initiatives.”

Mary Zappone
Brace Industrial Group

“Martha and her team at Aduro Consulting assisted RecoverCare in developing our Performance Management System in 2012. She integrated seamlessly with our team, ensured she had input from across company functions and levels, and led us through an efficient and effective talent management implementation. Every employee now has had a performance discussion, 2013 objectives, and working through mid-year reviews. The ability of our employees to “have a discussion” about goals, objectives, development needs, and provide/receive feedback has allowed us to change the culture at RecoverCare. I highly recommend Martha, and Aduro Consulting and would work with them again to establish a Performance Management System.”

Diane Moody
VP of OD & Culture
Royal DSM

“Martha is a truly gifted OD professional who manages to combine a strongly values-driven approach with a sharp sense of commercial realities. She is a supportive colleague, a challenging coach, and a focused, skilful facilitator. She was also one of the reasons I joined ING! I immediately saw someone I could learn from and work alongside – and luckily I did. I would definitely recommend Martha to organisations in change, leaders seeking direction, teams with new performance ambitions… she will help you to achieve your goals.”

Lori Asbury
President and CEO

“Martha brings the right balance of insight, guidance, and compassion during the coaching process. She challenges you to self-reflect and learn how to sharpen your management skills while at the same time encouraging you to remain true to who you are as an individual. My experience with Martha was incredibly rewarding. I learned life lessons I will utilize and cherish personally and professionally.”

Amy Schectman

“Martha is a brilliant organizational development consultant who combines deep expertise and a wealth of knowledge with an approachable, immediately-trust-building style. She’s an excellent listener who is able to steer conversations into productive channels. She effectively builds consensus while validating all points of view. She also has a wealth of tips and techniques that have proven very useful to us. She’s outstanding!”

Bob Rosen
Chairman and CEO
Healthy Companies International

“I had the great pleasure of working with Martha at ING. Strategic and intuitive, Martha has a deep understanding of leadership and organizational change in large enterprises. She understands people and business which is unique in this complex world. I would recommend her without question as a coach or business advisor. “

Miguel Padron
Vice President Human Resources
Turner Broadcasting

“I have the pleasure of working with Martha on several team building and change management exercises for our senior leaders. There are only a few consultants that take the time to really understand the business and translate that into an actionable plan. Martha is one of those rare finds which applies complex business strategy and change management future state in a simple to understand way.”

Tom Waldron
Retired Senior Vice President, People
Walmart International

Martha has been an absolute delight to work with over the years. She has many strong attributes, to name a few I would include —

    • Smart and can Execute – Martha grasps concepts quickly.  She is able to provide a recommended approach which all can understand and is efficient in realizing tangible results.
    • Global Mindset – Martha has worked in a variety of countries and cultures.  She is universally accepted and quickly adapts to organizational/cultural dynamics.
    • Comfortable in Her Skin – Martha is very down to earth and confident.  She gains respect through quality work and an easy going style.
    • Flexible and Collaborative – Martha can quickly adapt to changing dynamics.  She is respectful of everyone’s view and is highly successful in bringing teams to a common conclusion.
    • Inspiring Personality – It’s hard to conclude a conversation with Martha and not feel better about a particular situation.  She is a great listener, witty and has a delightful sense of humor.

I would highly recommend Martha’s capabilities to any organization needing assistance in organizational development, engagement, team dynamics and business problem solving. She is a class act who delivers every time.

Barbara Wright-Avlitis
Managing Partner

“Martha is one of the most creative consultants I have had the pleasure to work with. Brainstorming creative ideas to find solutions to difficult challenges is what she does best. To put my opinion of her abilities into one phrase, I’d say… She knows her stuff! Martha is as good partnering for the design of learning interventions as she is delivering a program to participants. Her experience, education and creativity added real value to our organization.”

Cheryl Middleton Jones
Chief People Officer
CO-OP Financial Services

“I have had the pleasure of working with Martha on several business engagements. Martha is very creative, with an inventive approach to consulting and coaching that generates wonderful results. She is also a wonderful subject matter expert in the field of human resources and change management; she is one of the first people I call when I need that expertise.”

Philip Perry
Executive and Leadership Coach
Philip Perry Executive Coaching
Head of Coaching at Morgan Clarke

“Martha is simply one of the best executive coaches and leadership developers that I know. Her understanding of human nature and the complexities of international and global businesses means she brings a powerful mix to her work. She has high integrity, is extremely professional and consistently gets great results. Feedback from our clients is consistently good. I highly recommend her – you will not be disappointed!”

Joyce Petrella
Managing Director and Principal
Calculus of Talent

“Martha brings a unique combination of strategic organizational change, executive coaching and learning design skills to business problems. I have been especially impressed by her new work in helping organizations think creatively about women in leadership.”

Maryellen R. Allen, CMF
Chief of Staff to the President, Head of Strategy, Planning Business Administration
Prudential Financial

“I had the privilege of working with Martha while at ING and was repeatedly impressed with her ability to blend her strong business acumen with excellent relationship management skills. In my senior leadership roles, I often counted on Martha’s counsel and guidance while working through challenging situations. She always applied sound logic and reason to principles of effective leadership to guide change and manage the risk that often comes with change. I thoroughly enjoyed working along side Martha and would highly recommend her in her engagement with any individual, team or company.”

Claudia Ordonez
Chief Medical Officer
Flatley Discovery Lab

“Martha is a perceptive coach who is very dedicated and will go the extra mile for clients by either doing research on specific topics, providing suggestions on helpful books or articles, and proactively reaching out.”

Jeanne Webb
Development Coordinator
Bridgeport Landing Development, LLC

“Martha was masterful at problem solving and understanding the many layers of bureaucracy that a large organization carries. She was a mentor and advisor on many levels, allowing me to reach my potential in a complex environment. She saw opportunities in myself that I did not yet see. Our time working together was challenging and fruitful for the organization.”

David O'Leary
President & CEO
US Life

“Had the privilege and pleasure of working with Martha while we were both at Aetna Financial Services. She was, and is, an extremely thoughtful partner whose approach to organization effectiveness was never prescriptive or textbook. Martha worked hard to understand the situation and then suggested very creative solutions. She is extremely trustworthy and an excellent listener who is never judgmental. Her goal was always to provide the best outcome for the associates involved as well as the company. I would highly recommend Martha to any organization!!!”

Carolyn Slocombe, Ph.D.
Human Resources / Organizational Development Business Leader

“Martha is exceptional — she is exceptionally bright, kind, intuitive and results focused. She can connect well with senior executives and line managers and can coach individuals and groups toward improved problem solving and collaboration. In my work with organizations over the past several decades Martha is one of the very few individuals of courage when it came to speaking the truth to organizations and individuals. Her doctoral studies have taken her on an epic journey and she will be bringing back learning’s to her clients and colleagues. If you are an executive or organization in search of real organizational understanding, collaboration and meaningful change – look no further than Martha Miser.”

Anne Heilman-Inglis
Compliance and Risk Manager

“Martha is an inspirational Executive coach. Her approach is creative and practical at the same time. The things that Martha taught me remain important on a day to day basis. She has helped me understand my own thoughts, behaviours, strengths and priorities. Her integrity and wisdom has been a great gift. I would highly recommend Martha as a career coach.”