• How to Organise a Children’s Party

    a video presented by Dave Snowden. Singapore: Cognitive Edge, 2009

    This is a brilliant three-minute video by Dave Snowden, the founder and chief scientific officer of Cognitive Edge. In the video, this leading thinker on complexity theory and new approaches to change uses the metaphor of a children’s party to illustrate the benefits of a complexity approach to organizational change. Fun and fascinating!


  • Igniting Leadership and Change: 10 Insights from the Field

    Martha Miser

    This white paper captures some of the most important insights on leadership and change we’ve gained after decades in the field.

  • Vision: The Engine of Change

    Martha Miser

    Creating a compelling vision is a critical leadership skill that is hard to develop given the fast changing business environment. Martha provides some practical ideas on the “six golden rules of vision”.