What We Believe

Once upon a time, men put on business suits in the morning, kissed their wives and kids good-bye, and went off to conquer the world of commerce. We called this the American Dream.

But it wasn’t every American’s dream . . . that is, unless you were white and middle class and male.

And even if you were, the dream didn’t really come true. Yes, a lot of good things did happen. But along the way, business — and the world around it — got a lot more complicated and a lot more uncertain and, for many people, a lot more dangerous. And for some reason, we (in the West anyway) started to believe that all the solutions could be found in the market and that even better solutions could be found in the global market. So, we started to worship a new religion, a religion that combined business and capitalism and growth and globalization and competition.

Here’s the problem: Even though we got much better at business, even though our technology exploded with innovation, and even though lots of people made a ton of money, we didn’t solve the really big problems. We even made some new ones. I’m talking about poverty — a huge global underclass — and war, disease, and hatred. And we wrecked our environment. And even the good things didn’t really make people happy. We’ve become slaves to our technology, so exhausted by the relentless pace of business that we’ve forgotten what really matters.

The good news is that a lot of people and companies understand the problem and understand that solving it means making a difference beyond the bottom line. These are purpose-driven people and companies, and they want to think differently about business.

That’s where Aduro Consulting comes in. We help companies disrupt their ways of thinking and operating so they can focus on a greater purpose. We help them discover what leadership means in this new context. We help them learn to value and build trusted relationships across the company, and to conduct conversations that matter. And we help them replace tired old beliefs with radical new thinking that leads to innovation and breakthrough performance.

We are the ones to call when you want to shake things up and make a bigger difference.